SIGNCancer / Virgo
LOCATIONNASA Kennedy International Space Station
INFO Having lived in Mumbai, St Louis, Indianapolis, Toronto, Woodbridge, Boston, Montreal, Pennsylvania, and New York, the two have covered a good amount of ground. Something rather symbolic of the diverse musical history the two have shared. The roots of the project were planted while attending college in Boston and playing as sidemen in other bands. It wasn’t until after college that the two began to focus completely on what would become ginla. The inspirations for their unique musical style, which blends a confrontational high energy with dreamy soundscapes, lie in their eclectic musical backgrounds. Jon grew up in Mumbai, India, and studied classical Indian music in his youth. As his tastes and skills in music developed, he became drawn to writing, recording, and producing. Growing up in rural Ontario, Canada, Joe grew up studying and playing free Jazz. His high school playlists included the likes of Paul Motian, The Strokes, Wayne Shorter, and Slum Village.