We are pleased to announce Glitter Veils full length, “Figures in Sight” is available now via Flexible Records. 
Noisey has premiered the release alongside an in depth interview with the band. Head HERE to check it out.

Emerging from a creative chrysalis of bedroom recordings is Glitter Veils – the Australian-based duo of Michael Whitney and Luke Zahnleiter. Bearing a gift of melancholy, Glitter Veils craft delicate and finely wrought jewels that sparkle even in the dim light in which they were forged. With crystal-clear acuity the songs of Glitter Veils communicate intimate thoughts and reveries formed under streetlight, in isolation, in vulnerable moments. With lashings of ethereal noir, the deep-dream pop of Glitter Veils strike chords – emotional and musical – that you forget existed.

Purchase “Figures in Sight” digitally, on vinyl, and flexi vinyl here

Stream “Figures in Sight” in its entirety below:

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