4444 Cover Final Artwork (Digi)

It is our pleasure to finally share with you Sam Gendels full length record, 4444 – available now Worldwide.

The title of the album is actually my symbol, stylized for print as 4 number 4’s (4444). The 4’s rearrange to form the symbol. The music is pursuing the symbol, or is it the other way around? The symbol embodies other things as well. If I tell you what the symbol means, it won’t be so special anymore. If you tell me what the symbol means to you, it won’t be so special anymore.
My advice:
Listen to the album from track 1 until the end. Then listen to the album in reverse, beginning with track 11. At the end of track 11 (“Portrait Orchid Gun”) there is silence. Keep listening to the silence and you will be rewarded. Everything you need to understand this music is built into it. It is slow-paced and spacious, and it will not knock on the door to your mind or invade you. It is designed to invite you inside its subtle world, or to seamlessly exist as a part of yours. But really, what is the difference?

Stream 4444 in its entirety:
Sam Gendel – 4444

And pre-order the limited edition vinyl below:
Limited Edition Vinyl